Whether you like it or not, the signage in or around your business is sending a message. City Blue is here to make sure you’re sending the right signals that your customers want to hear.

Are you ready to be heard?



Get an exterior sign that will make your business stand out and naturally attract new customers. Also a great way to showcase site signage for the Construction or Real Estate market.

A windscreen mesh banner can add vibrant color and beauty to any indoor display with a luxurious feel that will make your business stand above the competition. The dying process saturates the fabric, giving a hyperrealistic look to any image or logo you desire.



Advertising your business, event, or that next big sale? Our feather banners are exactly what you’re looking for and their sturdy construction makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor usage.

Acrylic mounted photographs and graphics make the perfect module corporate decor or focal element with interior decoration. Use sign stand off kits to float the full color facemount Acrylic graphics off the wall for an extra depth.



For some businesses, an effective pylon sign can mean the difference between success and failure. City Blue’s graphic design experts will create a display that withstands the test of time and attracts the customers you need.

Is your graphical presentation looking a little tired? Illuminate your visual displays with unforgettable LED signs that stand to improve your visual appeal and reel in even more potential customers.

Those special projects that need a little extra elbow grease are our passion. If you need a custom solution, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable graphic design staff.